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GLADI-ACCOUNT s.r.o. is an accounting agency in Olomouc following up the previous private entity accounting agency Jana Pospisilova. We provide services in keeping accounts, advisory services in accounting, tax records, processing wages and HR program. Our services comprehend also financial advice, preparing financial plan and following controlling. For accounting and HR, we use programs Pohoda, Pamica, Money S3. We are also skilled in using KS-program and Exact software. We offer a remote connection to the accounting software, that our clients to have a current overview of their accounts. Our employees have several years of experiences and regularly attend professional trainings. Besides of Czech language, we can process your accounting also in English.

Our clients vary from small to medium-sized companies, dealing with production, services or trade. We help domestic as well as foreign clients and always choose individual and discrete approach. The range of services we offer extends from one-off processing of tax returns to complete keeping of account including setting up of annual statement. We cooperate with experts on taxes and law. We also attend regular trainings. In the field of financial management, we provide setting up of financial plan, checking an adherence to it ( calculation of deviations - real vs. planned status ), analysis of accounting statements, financial analysis, price calculation, financial consulting. We also provide advisory services regarding the Trading act.

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